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About The Artist

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About The Artist

Sean McDougal Disfunctional Design  

My name is Sean McDougal. As a self taught artist, I enjoy working with multiple materials, especially steel and other metals. I love creating functional art that people can enjoy in their homes. To me, turning on a light shouldn't be a simple, mindless task, it should be exciting and make you feel good. While you surround yourself with things you need, why not surround yourself with things that serve a function and excite you at the same time? After all, you should enjoy the things in your home.


I create art because I need to. It is both a love and an obsession. My mood dictates the works I produce, so every time I create something it's an original. Most of my art is free form and done by eye. The only pieces I measure are ones that have to meet certain specifications-chair height for example. I let the materials and free flow of the steel do the work and I am always experimenting and trying different things. I have no rules! Some experiments work and some don't, but I love the freedom and excitement of trying something new.


Custom jobs are welcome and appreciated but I don't copy what others are creating, so please don't ask me to make something you saw by another artist. Check back often to see what I come up with next!